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Ghost Stories


This collection is a series of painting and musings.


What are ghosts and what stories to they tell? 

People from the past reminding us of simples pleasures once had, people in the present lost to the world, memories too fuzzy to be real, memories too real - in need of dissociation, disconnection from the physical body, deja vu, a feeling that can't be placed, unspoken truths, subtexts, hidden worlds. Much like its symbolic imagery, the definition of ghost is flexible, shadowy and transparent. It is an entity, unknown and maybe a bit haunted. It resides in places that feel uncomfortable, trying to seek out solidity and grounding in a world that isn't where other say it belongs. 

Ghost Stories delves into how dissociation is a major theme in the Black psyche. The pieces depict and contextualize how the disconnection of the body and mind can show up; their intrinsic connection to trauma and covert methods of breaking community. Ghost stories is about generational methods of survival, attempts at healing, and finding safety in ourselves.

Works are ongoing.

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