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Intimacies at Home


This collection of paintings explores Irvin's intimate moments through mundane interactions with self. Like many people who were stuck at home with little to do in 2020, Irvin began to find pleasure in the nuanced moments of the day and embraced new found connections with herself and her small apartment. The pieces explore a range of emotional reflections through the body's relationship to space, often soft materials, and self touch. The later half of the collection shows an abrupt shift of body relationship, depicting blank backgrounds and more raw states of emotion. With these pieces, Irvin questions the body's sense of safety and belonging as it relates to its emotional state. This project spanned from March 2020  to June 2020. A stop, both ignited by Irvin's departure from her personal space to join protests and entry back into the work force. 


Intimacies at Home gives a clear insight to what it was like for Irvin to be selfish with her time, space and body; a luxury not often afforded for many, or chosen due to its assumed unprofitability. It also shows what it was like as her body transferred from a place of selfishness to service.

Paintings below are shown chronologically 

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